Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Spent the past six hours ramming my shoulder into the side of a car door. Master Destiny (Emilio) separated my collarbone putting me in a reverse key lock, he's really into Ultimate Fighting Championships. He loves cackling watching men submit to the will of other men. He is MAN IN MOTION~!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Master Destiny (Emilio) has been trying to "find himself" again through the character of Andrew Clark, the irrascible high school wrestler he played in The Breakfast Club. To do this, he constantly dresses up in wrestling singlets and forces me to do battle with him as he beats the shit out of me. He seems to really enjoy the power that comes from making other men submit to him. On three separate occasions yesterday, he forced me to pass out after he got me in a rear naked choke. I begged him to stop because of my heart murmur but Master Destiny (Emilio) NEEDS to train. He is a Man In Motion!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Martin Sheen (father to Emilio) and the cast of the West Wing came over to the mansion tonight and gave me a bukake while Master Destino (Emilio) had a teenage black hooker give him a hand release.

Ooooh! It's Sunday! It means I get to shampoo Master Destiny's (Emilio) feet with my hair! That's my favorite! MAN IN MOTION!

EDIT: Man, I *LOVE* washing another man's feet with my hair. I really did a good job today. Master Destiny (Emilio) had a lot of jam between his toes and I took individual clumps of my hair and cleaned it out for him. And then Master Destiny (EMILIO) took the heel of his foot and kicked me in the base of the skull and my chin hit his Italian marble floor really hard. I laid on the floor in pain and then he peed on my face. And then I lapped up the pee on the floor like a dog because I am nothing more than a human animal. He is my MAN IN MOTION!

What's a good way to heal a split lip? Master Destiny (Emilio) dropped a padded elbow on my mouth while I slept on my back. He's trying to teach me to sleep with my eyes open, to always be alert, that way I can better serve him at all hours of the day.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Slept well last night. Master Destiny (Emilio) knocked me out by hitting my eye orbital with a brick.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Master Destiny (Emilio) had a teenage hooker stomp on my fingers while wearing stilleto-heeled boots about a year ago. He also hooked my testicle up to a car battery while he stood over me cackling and eating Pop-Smart PopCorn.

It's over a year later and I've finally had feeling return to my lower spinal column. Master Destiny (Emilio) has commanded I write about his grandeur again! He is so beloved, his is so kind. ALL KNEEL BEFORE THE STAR OF ST. ELMO'S FIRE! YOU ARE MY MAN IN MOTION!